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The Knapp Girls Folly: our story...

Our story begins before we were born, when our grandfather, Andrew S. Knapp, a St. Louis Entrepreneur, fell in love with a country retreat. He wanted to ride horses, go hunting and fishing and have a little livestock. Well Andy Knapp didn't do anything halfway, he started with his small horse farm and soon he was developing his own breeding lines of pure bred hereford cattle on one of the largest cattle ranches in the midwest. Our father, Robert, who had an enormous love of the land and the cattle, inherited the farm in 1960 and continued to show cattle all over the country. Cyndy and Steffie were commonly seen as small girls at the large cattle shows, photographed with the prize winning bulls and heifers. Later we helped prepare the calves for show and were even trained to lead the younger livestock around the ring for the judging. These large cumbersome animals were our pets and the farm was the center of our lives. 

Even as we grew up and moved farther from the farm, we have been continually drawn back to it by some spiritual force deep within us. It's our property now, its our farm and more than that, it is part of our family. We have chosen to plant vineyards and start a winery to add value to our farm. We want to make it a place our children will be proud to inherit and share with their families. We hope to be an important member of the community as Edg-Clif has been in the past, creating jobs and bringing visitors to this beautiful part of the world. Come enjoy our wine and let us share with you our special world at Edg-Clif Farms and Vineyard. As our friends say, the hardest part of visiting Edg-Clif is having to leave. 

Edg-Clif History

Edg-Clif Farms was founded in 1926 by Andrew Stephen Knapp and his wife Hazel Quinn Knapp, when they purchased the stone lodge for a hunting retreat. The original cliff side stone lodge, was built in 1862. Since the Knapp purchase, the lodge has seen multiple expansions and restorations.

In 1936, the Knapps founded the Hereford Cattle Ranch which became a world renowned show herd. During World War II, Knapp ran seven miles of electrical lines from Potosi to Edg-Clif, providing the first electrical power to that part of the county. During his development of the cattle business, the ranch was expanded to cover 3,000 acres.

Andrew’s son, Robert S. Knapp and wife Betty Graham Knapp, inherited the farm in 1960 and it continued to thrive as a cattle ranch. In 1986 the property was passed on to daughters Stephanie Knapp Littlefield and Cynthia Knapp Keesee. In 1994, they opened the land to a neighboring Bison Ranch.

A 2,500 vine Vineyard was planted in 2008 by current owners and operators Stephanie and Stephen Littlefield and Cyndy and Girard Keesee. Our winery opened in June of 2011.

In addition to the winery, Edg-Clif Farms and Vineyard is operating as a Wedding and Special Event venue that is family friendly, set in a natural, historic conservation site 65 miles Southwest of St. Louis with parking for up to 200 cars. Types of events include Family Reunions, Weddings, Corporate Outings, Company Picnics, and Class Reunions.


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