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Edg-Clif Farms and Vineyard is pleased to expand our new Craft Beer line brewed on site by Edg-Clif Brewing Company. Stop in this summer and taste the smooth rich flavors of beers made with premium ingredients by our friend and now Brewer, Nick Colombo! Nick has been making beer and working with some of the craft brewers in the DC area and brings a fresh style to some of the Midwest’s most popular craft brews. For the spring and summer we are starting with some ales like Cream Ale, sweet and light, Pale Ale, a bit hopier made with cascade and galena so it has a crisp but not bitter taste, and our new Hefeweizen, a German style wheat beer with the yeast producing banana and clove in this beer. We will also have a unique IPA, and a new Pilsner. Lots of choices for the our summer visitors.


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