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The Edg-Clif Farms vineyards consist of approximately 3,200 grape vines, consisting of Chambourcin French-American hybrid red wine and Vignoles French-American hybrid white wine grape vines. We have planted the third grape variety in april of 2012, Vidal Blanc, another French-American hybrid white wine grape.

The vineyard is set atop one of the highest points in Missouri with views overlooking the Fourche a Renault River Valley. While visiting the vineyard one is frequently observed by the curious bison calves in the adjacent field. Natural and sustainable cultural practices have been utilized in managing the vineyards. The vines have been lovingly trained and cared for by the proprietors Steffie and Cyndy and management and operation of the vineyard has been implemented by Stephen Littlefield and Girard Keesee.


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