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All of our chambourcin wines are Estate Bottled, which means we make our wine from our own grapes harvested in our vineyards and are bottled in our winery on premises.

2016 Edg-Clif Wine Winners

Edg-Clif Winery, LLC, Potosi, MO was recognized as the winner of 2 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals at the Missouri Governors Cup, Missouri Wine Competition. Gold medals were awarded to two Edg-Clif wines this year. The very popular chambourcin rosé wine “Edg-Clif Twilight” won its 3rd gold medal and was named ‘Best in Class for Rosé Wines’. Twilight has sweet strawberry and tropical fruit flavors and is a pale blush colored wine. The other winner of gold is a new introduction for Edg-Clif, their Estate Bottled Vidal Blanc. This light straw colored wine is dry and crisp with stone fruit, citrus and orange blossom notes. Both wines were featured at the Edg-Clif Hand Picked Wine Club events earlier this year and have been big sellers.

All the wines submitted by Edg-Clif to the Missouri Wine Competition for judging this year received medal recognition. Edg-Clif Estate Bottled dry red wines, 2015 Chambourcin,  2014 Classic Chambourcin,  and 2014 Reserve Chambourcin were awarded Silver Medals. Other wines submitted that received Bronze Medals are Edg-Clif Dry Chardonel, Edg-Clif Starlight, Edg-Clif Vignoles and 2013 Estate bottled Edg-Clif Chambourcin. All have great quality and wonderful flavors. The total wine list at Edg-Clif contains 13 wines ranging from dry to semi-sweet to sweet. Edg-Clif is open for wine tasting and events every weekend; Fridays 2-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11-5pm. Stop by and try these local award winning wines.

Edg-Clif Vintage Barn Series

Moonlight White ChardonelMoonlight White Chardonel –Semi-dry  
This pale white chardonel wine sings with fresh pineapple and pear flavors. Enjoy by the light of the moon or anytime.
Starlight Sweet Vidal BlancStarlight White – Sweet
Vidal Blanc is a heavenly blend that shines as brightly as the stars in the sky. apricots and citrus with a hint of honeysuckle.

Sunset ChambourcinSunset Chambourcin – Semi Blush
Semi-sweet blush wine, with fresh strawberry and watermelon fragrance and flavors. It is just sweet enough to enjoy chilled
on the patio.

Starlight Sweet Vidal BlancTwilight - Sweet White Chambourcin
Savor sweet strawberry and tropical fruit flavors of sweet white wine. It is refreshing and delightful and best enjoyed chilled!

Hollyberry Red ChambourcinHollyberry Red Chambourcin – Semi-sweet
Red wine with a rich blackberry flavor. Enjoy as a chilled cocktail wine or served warm with our hot spiced mulled wine recipe.

Showbarn Red ChambourcinShowbarn Red –Light sweet
This red wine is noted for its bright red claret color and its bright fruity grape taste. Enjoyed by new and seasoned wine drinkers.

Edg-Clif Heritage Series

Edg-Clif Chardonel, Classic and Reserve Chambourcin Wines

A light bodied dry red wine. The nose is fruit forward and the color bright claret red. This is a perfect cocktail wine.

Classic Chambourcin
The grapes are harvested late and the wine is aged in toasted American oak barrels to make a deep rich spicy red that satisfies the oak lover.

Made from very mature late harvest grapes and aged in American and French Oak to produce a full bodied smooth red wine. Enjoy the rich dark cherry and vanilla flavors.

Chambourcin Rosé
This dry French style rosé has a beautiful fresh pale rosé color and a fruity nose with hints of grapefruit and melon. A refreshing crisp light wine.

A luscious white wine aged in French oak barrels. This light wheat colored wine has a wonderful nose with hints of pineapple, pear, cream and vanilla.

Experience fresh floral aromas and taste the subtle fruit flavors of vignoles, a semi-dry and crisp white wine.

Edg-Clif Rose


Edg-Clif Missouri Governor's Cup Winning Wines

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